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Monday, September 04, 2006


Weather i like or not... this is our last day of our summer vacation. No more staying up late and sleeping in. It went by so fast... every year seems to go by faster and faster, by the time i'm 40 the year will go by like a speeding train. I remember when i was in elemetary school, summer seemed to be alot longer than it is nowdays.

Atleast there's only one year of school left...unfortunately filled with math and science, even though ill probably end up not needing those courses for what i'll end up doing.

At this moment i'm planing on going in animation. Mixing both of my favorite passtimes movies and art. I can't wait till colege everything's going to be like a new adventure. It's like you only start your life after graduating.


Kings of comedy - 8/10

The King Of Comedy' is easily Martin Scorsese's most underrated and misunderstood movie.

Oh...and i saw Inside Man yesterday. 8/10


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