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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Movies: Best and Worst of 2006

I ahven't updated in long while...

Of course the list would probably be different if i had seen all the movies 2006 had to offer... notably the late and limited releases of movies like Children of Men. I've missed out on so many good movies this year... now i have to wait till they come out on DVD. Until then here is my list.

Best of 2006.

1. The Departed (Regarding the oscars I feel that this is the year for Scorsese)
2. Little Miss Sunshine
3. Casino Royale (Exacly what the franchise needed)
4. V for Vendetta
5. Borat
6. Flags of our Fathers (I have yet to see the Better half)
7. The Illusionist (Prestige would probably take its place if i had seen it)
8. Lucky Number Slevin
9. Cars (The year hasnt been very good for animated films but Pixars still manages to create something special)
10. Inside Man

Worst of 2006.

1. Date Movie ( My friends made me watch it... they are horrible people)
2. Little Man (throughout the movie i coulndt help but think how they ripped off a perfectly good bugs bunny cartoon)
3. Barnyard ( I cant be the only one tired of the endless CGI movies that 2006 has spawned)
4. Benchwarmers
5. Scary Movie 4